How To Become A Blogger

Time has changed, and people are more connected to the Internet these days. From groceries to entertainment, everything is available in the deep sea of the Internet. Blogging is one of the best ways on the internet to express one’s views on specific topics. Blogging is one of the most famous careers chosen by youngsters these days over the internet. It is a very tricky task as your content should be unique, special, and most importantly, it should be interesting for the audience. There are many topics on which blogs could be created. The most famous ones are fashion, food, traveling, and tech blogs. Famous bloggers with a high number of subscribers also earn lots of money by advertising and other methods.

Blogging might sound very easy, but in reality, it is a complex and long journey until you reach a satisfactory level in this profession. Most people know about bloggers and blogging but no one knows the precise pathway of becoming a blogger.

In this article, we will tell you the eight main points to become a blogger

1. Relax back and think

Many people do believe that Blogging is a straightforward task to perform. People get attracted to the fame and money prominent bloggers get. But this is not the reality of blogging. Blogging takes a lot of effort and time. You will have to struggle a lot, and things will get hard. But on the other hand, if you want to be successful as a blogger, you need to keep blogging and improve your skills to make things better. Once your content gets improved, you automatically will rise up. But it is all a slow process. And if, by chance, your aim is to earn instant money with blogging, then step back. So one needs to know the actual facts about blogging before stepping into the world of blogs.

2. Start with name

It might seem an effortless task but naming a blog also plays a significant role in your blogging career. The reason why we are saying so is that the topic of blog one chooses also is moreover limited to specific fields as we have mentioned above. If your blog name is hard to find or if your blog name is very common, then in most cases, you won’t get the proper recognition required. Hence name your blog carefully. Try naming your blog in such a way that it reflects your blog’s content to the readers.

3. Selection of Platform

The next big thing you need to select is the platform on which you will be starting blogs. Since you are entering Blogging, you might have heard about different platforms. WordPress is one of the most common platforms when it comes to blogging. More than 50% of people use WordPress for their blogs. Other platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr are famous. One needs to be sure of the fact that the platform he is choosing must be a comfortable one to use. If you opt for a platform that is not smooth with your working habit, then such a platform will not be helpful for you.

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4. Self-hosting or go for free

This is the most significant decision most probably you will be taking in the journey of becoming a successful blogger. There can be a number of hosts you can go for. Now basically, all of these are divided into two sections. One that comes with paid hosting and the other that is free. Self-hosting can be a challenging task, and you will have to learn a lot of technical things to do so. Also, if you go for paid hosting, you will have better results with greater attention to your blog. On the other hand, if you are looking for free hosting, the attention to your blog could be lost. So choose accordingly.

5. Design your blog

A blog is very different from usual writing. You have a lot of things to design in a blog. There are expert helpers that can help in designing a blog. There are various steps and different things you need to learn while selecting the design and giving a proper shape to your blog. These things are complicated, and to run a successful blog, your design should be attractive to the readers. Try being creative and try doing this in a convenient way. Designing a blog can be hard, and you will learn to improve day by day.

6. Select a theme

The selection of themes depends on the platform you will be choosing. You will have options to set a suitable theme. Even in this selection you must take a lot of care and try getting the best to attract more readers. A boring theme or a theme that doesn’t match your blog is never a good option to go with. Search and find out the best you can get, a theme that can match your content.

7. Try adding plugins

Now, this is a step you will be doing to find your readers. There is not a lot that one has to understand her. Just select the best plugins over the Internet. Always go for the plugin that gives you maximum efficiency. Not just this much, but also go for a minimum number of plugins to have better results.

8. Create the best you can

The last and final step of blogging is Creation. It all comes down to Creation. Go and explore the market. Get to know what people like, what they want to read about. Get closer to your content and perform hard in improving your quality. Keep running, and if your blogs are really worth it, no one can stop you from becoming a successful blogger.


Creators and their Creations are always something special to experience. Blogging is pure art, and it needs good artists who are searching for a platform to show their talent to the world. Blogging is never about money and fame. These things are the side products of blogging. It is always about an individual who is sharing his story and experience with the world in a creative way for everyone to enjoy his Creation.


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